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Resident Portal

View your account, submit maintenance requests, and pay rent from any location.

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Download the Online Portal App

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Your account is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. 


You can pay your rent from anywhere you want and communicate with your property management team all within the online portal.

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It’s easy for you to choose the way you pay: eCheck, debit or credit card, or electronic cash payments.

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Online payments are encrypted using bank-grade security.



Your charges are immediately marked as paid.

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01/ Income

Applicant's monthly household income must exceed three times the rent. All income must be from a verifiable source. Unverifiable income will not be considered.

02/ References

Applicants must receive positive references from all previous landlords for the previous 5 years. Applicant may not have any evictions or unpaid judgments from previous landlords.

03/ Financial Responsibility*

Applicant must exhibit a responsible financial life. Credit score must be a minimum of 600.

04/ Background Check*

A background check will be conducted on all applicants over 18. Applicant’s background must exhibit a pattern of responsibility.

05/ Non-Smoking

Applicant must be a non-smoker.

06/ Occupancy Limit

Occupancy is limited to 1 person per bedroom.



Every individual residing in the property who is over the age of eighteen must fill out a separate application and send it in with the processing fee. Each individual must fulfill or surpass the requirements in order to be eligible. Applications that are not complete will not be handled. Applications with fraudulent information will be rejected right away. Please anticipate one to three days for the application process.

Deposit to Hold

Following approval, if the tenant is not going to move in within 24 hours, the property will be held until a mutually convenient move-in date and a non-refundable Deposit to Hold equal to one month's rent will be needed. 

After all move-in requirements have been met and a lease for the property completed, the Deposit to Hold will transfer to the security deposit to be held throughout the tenant’s entire tenancy.

If the Prospective Tenant fails to provide the Deposit to Hold within 24 hours of approval, the home will be offered to the next qualified applicant. Should the Applicant elect to pay the Deposit to Hold with their application (prior to processing), the Deposit to Hold will be refunded in full within 14 days if they fail to qualify.


After approval and before occupancy will be granted, the prospective tenant must supply all the required move-in funds, including the security deposit, first month’s rent, and any other additional deposits and fees, all tenant paid utilities must be transferred into prospective tenant’s name, and a lease must be executed and signed by all parties.

Pet Policy 

Guardian Property Management maintains a straightforward pet policy, allowing pets on most of our rental properties. Recognizing the significant role pets play in people's lives, we strive to accommodate various animals in our rental units. Prior to finalizing your decision on a property, please inquire about its pet acceptance status.

For all applicants interested in our properties, pet screening profiles are mandatory. This screening assesses the risk level associated with each pet based on their overall risk. Pet fees are determined by Paw Score Risk Levels. You can complete pet screenings and policy affirmations below.


You can certainly make the move. However, be aware that you'll remain on the lease, and rent responsibilities stay with you unless your roommate finds a qualified replacement or qualifies for the property on their own. If either happens, a new lease agreement needs to be signed.
Can I move out during my lease agreement if my roommate wants to stay?
How does the security deposit work?
After moving out, the security deposit is refunded no later than 30 days after your lease end date. Typical items that get deducted from the security deposit include (but are not limited to): general cleaning, carpet cleaning, paint touch ups, damage beyond normal wear and tear. We abide by Missouri Landlord-tenant laws.
Are there any age requirements to rent at a property?
You must be at least eighteen years old to apply for a Guardian property. Applicants who intend to occupy the house and who are at least eighteen years old must apply.
When it comes to repairs and maintenance, who is responsible? 
Unless it's due to tenant misuse, owners handle routine maintenance such as structural, plumbing, electrical, and roofing repairs. If the issue is caused by misuse, such as damage to sheetrock or clogged toilets, the responsibility shifts to the tenant.
Do you accept HUD
At this time we are not set up to accept HUD Vouchers but hope to be in the near future.
How do I pay rent?
We want to make your renting process as easy and stress free as possible. You can choose whatever payment best suits you. We accept online payments (debit card, credit card, or bank account), or use a Pay Near Me Slip obtained from your property manager.
Do you allow co-signers?
If an applicant satisfies every need but income, we do accept co-signers. If a cosigner satisfies specific requirements, they are welcome to sign onto the lease.
If I find a property I like but am not ready to sign a lease, can I secure that unit?
Until an application is submitted and accepted, as well as a security deposit being paid, we are unable to hold a unit. Consider applying while you search, and once you find the perfect spot, reserve it with your security deposit and a signed lease.
I am ready to apply for my dream college town to call home. How do I apply?
Fill out our online application page for the specific home you are looking to rent. There's a $39.95 non-refundable application fee due upon submission. We're here to make your housing transition smooth and stress-free.
What utilities am I responsible for?
Each property has different utility fees. Click the link to see various utility information.
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